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Finally the Naughty America Deal is Here!

The new Naughty America discount saves you 60% on monthly joins and 70% on yearly memberships.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $24.95, why pay so much?)


37  hardcore porn websites have combined to give you non stop all American fun. The videos can also be downloaded in various formats and it can be viewed in your portable device as well. Naughty America regularly has an update so you can always look towards something new the next day. They made it very easy for any member to jump from one website to another. You can also leave comments at the websites you marked as your favorites. Naughty America lets you rate the videos there too so you are allowed to rank the videos and let everyone know if you thought it was that good or if you thought it deserves to be thrown in the garbage can.

The images can be viewed in a slide show or you can download them and view them some other time. While some websites update regularly, there are some who does not have an update for a very long time which is a shame because all the websites in this network has nothing but the finest American girls you will see on the Internet.

The latest scenes is labeled as “Our latest Fantasies” and it is featured on the main page if you want to know the latest updates on the network. Naughty America is so big that you will forget the amount you paid for the membership because it will simply blow it away. Everyone knows the hottest girls in the world are the ones who live in America so that automatically makes this website a must see. You are even going to see those girls do a bunch of dirty deeds.

The design of the Naughty America website is simply off the charts and you are not going to have any problem at all with the navigation here as it is a piece of cake. The images are available in auto play or manual navigation and you can choose any of the two whichever you prefer. There is no doubt you are going to love everything in this mega website. You are going to look forward to visiting it again the moment you wake up the next day.

Finally the Reality Kings Deal is Here!

The new Reality Kings discount saves you 63% on monthly joins and 81% on yearly memberships.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $39.95, why pay so much?)


Not only will you get 37 websites for the price of 1 at Reality Kings but you will get all types of hardcore porn stuff shoved up your mouth. You are going to get threesomes, naughty amateurs and reluctant mothers. There are 7969 scenes which results to about 4081 hours of video. You can stream each scene using a flash player or you can download them and view them at another date if you wish to do so. The new ones are available in high definition but the old ones are not lacking in quality either.

Reality Kings is an industry leader when it comes to porn so they will have you praising them every second you are in their website. You are going to join then jack it like they say when all is said and done. Just when you think they are going to slow down, they continue to add great content to their website and make sure you always enjoy your stay. Each movie even has screen captures so you can take a look at the pictures of each movie.

You have the option of bookmarking each scene if you think it deserves to be added to your favorites. You can choose to access sections where only members have access to. You can also browse stuff by porn star so you can just directly jack off of your favorite porn star’s luscious body.

You can also take a look at live cams so you would be able to watch a girl perform in front of you and do things you never thought you would see her doing. The navigation of the websites is very easy because once you get used to one, you can already say you would have an easy time browsing the other websites. That would be great so you can go directly to enjoying the adult material in the website you just went to and less figuring out what to do next.

You are going to be very impressed by the quality of Reality Kings like never before.

Finally the FTVGirls Deal is Here!

The new FTVGirls discount saves you 33% on 5 month joins.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.95, why pay so much?)


Every once in a while there will be a site that will absolutely make your jaw drop. That is what will happen as soon as you go to FTVGirls. FTV stands for first time videos, and as you might imagine, there is nothing but natural beauties to be seen on this site.

They tout their girls as beautiful, sexy, genuine, and natural, and there is nothing in this site to say otherwise. All of the girls on FTVGirls are having a first time experience, and they are letting you watch. Whether it is first time sex, first time video, masturbation, or even something a little more extreme, this site will have something for you. Every week they focus on one special girl who they show spending her day normally, letting your learn little bits and pieces about her. They even have a blog for their girl of the week.

At the end of the day, though, she pulls off her clothes and shows you an entirely different side of her personality. FTVGirls does not just stop at videos. They have thousands of pictures of their girls in various piece of clothing, without clothes, and even when they are just out on the town. They have a whole team of professional photographers who work with the girls to film them in the latest high definition quality that you would expect from a site that can only be described as classy. Aside from the gorgeous girls, the site itself is well planned and has several features such as a DVD and photo shoot order list that you can use once you are a member.

If you are ready to sit down and watch the most beautiful women on the net bare themselves in ways that will boggle your mind, then join up. It is only $29.95 for a month and $99.95 for five months. While it is a bit more than you would pay other places, these are high quality videos and women that are worth every penny. At the very least you have to give FTVGirls a chance.

Finally the Nuru Massage Deal is Here!

The new Nuru Massage promo code saves you 76% on one month joins

to see the deal, use discount code: ADULTIXE



87% on one year joins.

(keep in mind, the regular price is $39.95, why pay so much?)


You know the story about the lucky guy who slips an extra ten dollars to his hot Asian masseuse and suddenly he is on the receiving end of the fabled happy ending? That is what Nuru Massage is all about.

As it turns out, there are many more body parts that can be used to massage someone’s body than we thought of here in the United States. Literally hundreds of the hottest massages- gone -right, all available for you to see. As you can imagine, the main theme of this site is the incredible relieving powers that only the Nuru know how to reveal. One the opening page, they tell you that Nuru means slippery in Japanese, and that all of the women use a special, extra slippery gel in order to get things moving.

Nuru Massage is a growing site because, until recently, these videos were just shown to anyone. However, they already have an impressive collection of thirty thousand pictures, two hundred and twenty girls, and over two hundred and thirty scenes. It is not all about hand jobs, although they do have many of those. All of the slippery actions manages to create some interesting opportunities for anal along the way. Somehow, their Nuru gel seems as though it was perfectly formulated to provide a nice, wet pounding. That means that you have plenty of material to pick through while you are learning about this interesting form of massage.

The front page has all of the latest videos as you scroll down and see the models. Each scene has a small preview, showing you how every one of these extra happy endings began. Before you run out and try to get one of these special massages by yourself, you should sit down and join this site instead. All you need is a credit card and to click on the Join Now button. Here you will find that a three day membership will only cost you $2.95 and a month will only cost $9.95 with the discount. A full year of happy endings will cost you $95.40 up front, but also comes at a sixty percent discount. So come and get a different view of adult entertainment at Nuru Massage today!

Finally the Sweetheart Video Deal is Here!

The new Sweetheart Video promo code saves you 67% on one month joins.

to see the deal, use discount code: ADULTIXE


(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.95, why pay so much?)


Sweetheart Video has always held a special place in the hearts of many people all across the web. That is because Sweetheart Video is one of the best girl on girl adult entertainment sites available today.

As soon as you log on you get a huge warning screen , with only two lady figures holding hands to give you a hint of what is waiting for you beyond the terms agreement. As soon as you enter the website, you see some of the cutest, dirtiest girls going at each other like animals. They waste no time showing that the girls are not afraid to be fingers and tongue deep in each other. Under the scrolling trailers, you are shown the site stats, which are nice, but have some room for growth.

They have five hundred, full length, girl on girl videos. They have one hundred and thirty two DVDs for sale, with all of the action performed by one of their three hundred different models. Although they do not have a huge collection of videos on the site, they have already won several awards for their high quality content. Their area of strength comes from their absolutely vast collection of lesbian pictures, which, at last count, was about two hundred and seventy thousand pictures. That is not all the site has to offer though. They have a complete forum and blog system in place so that you are able to access all of the different aspects of the Sweetheart Video Network.

Since you must be eager by now, lets go over the process of joining this great site. After you create your account, you are able to access the site for a $2.95, three day trial membership. A thirty day membership will only cost you $14.95, and with a wonderful discount offered to those who opt for the full year membership. This will only cost you $95.40, which works out to about $9.99 a month. A ten dollar bill will give you access to one of the hottest, growing lesbian websites available today. So break out your credit card and get ready to see some of the best action on the net.

Finally the Buttman Deal is Here!

The new Buttman promo code saves you 67% on one month joins

to see the deal, use discount code: ADULTIXE



75% on one year joins.

(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.95, why pay so much?)


If you like big butts and you can’t deny it, you absolutely must check out Buttman. This site is directed by AVN award winner John Stagliano, and is dedicated to those who worship ass.

As soon as you log onto Buttman, you are met with the face down, ass up view of the hottest starlets on the site. The home page scrolls through previews of some of the many videos available on the site. As you explore the home page some more, you quickly find that they have specialty videos for all of your ass gazing needs. The special scenes page lists all of the different niches that are on the site. Some of them include Ass to mouth, Amateur, straight anal, and every kind of ass that is out there. From flat to fat, Buttman has it all.

Taking all of their videos into account, they have an impressive total of two thousand videos, and nearly ten thousand stand alone scenes. Also, they have five thousand pictures and just under three thousand of the best ass models that will ever grace your computer screen. After all, this is not just butt sex, this is award winning, high definition, professionally directed adult entertainment.

If you are still reading this and not already on Buttman, then lets see what kind of deals are available on the website. First, you have to create a unique membership user account, one of their steps to assure that your identity remains private throughout your stay on the site. For $2.95 you will be able to get a risk free, three day trial membership. If you want a full thirty days, you will only be charged $14.95. Not a bad price when you consider all of the hot action that you will have access to as a result. If you sign up for a full year, at a cost of $95.40, then you will have a sixty percent savings that will only cost you $9.99 a month.

So that just leaves one final question: Why have you not created your account and signed up for this website yet? Get over to Buttman and see the best asses on the web.