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Finally the Wicked Pictures Deal is Here!

The new Wicked Pictures discount saves you 33% on monthly joins and 70% on yearly memberships.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.99, why pay so much?)


Porn stars simply love having sex! They love fondling, penetrating, sucking, kissing, fingering and doing all sorts of sexual acts to reach that elusive climax. Wicked Pictures is one site that understands this basic psychology. The porn movies on this site show just how far sex crazed studs/ gals will go to satisfy their “sexual itch!”

There are some porn stars who are simply a delight to watch (Sara Jay, Stormy Daniels, Gianna, etc). The way they purr and moan as they achieve their carnal gratification is simply intoxicating to say the least! On Wicked Pictures, you can see all your favorites ‘sucking and slurping’ on hard erections until they explode in passion. The site has a policy of “safe sex is the best sex!” so most of the porn material here has condoms.

Navigation is simple enough. Members are directed to updates and can use the menu bar to select the section they want. Search by DVD or scene and locate that nasty, wicked gal you have been carving to see get sexually blown away. There is a model index to make your work easier.

Old is old and Wicked Pictures has some old material from the 90s for members to enjoy. The old plus the new make up 630+ DVDs, with over 3590+ movie scenes, and the new ones streamed or downloaded in 1080p full High Def quality.

Twenty-five minute long scenes with no download limitations are what members get. Photo lovers will rejoice that Wicked Pictures has over 3000+ picture sets with some reaching astronomical pixel quantity of 2240 by 1680p. Picture ‘ZIP files’ for downloads and High Resolution photos makes Wicked Pictures photo gallery a treasure of pleasure!

Each week ushers in a new DVD update for those who are always so thirsty for more and more content. Those who seek ‘live camera shows’ will find that this site is very accommodating. There are famous porn stars and exciting cam gals all waiting to show you what they got.

Many of the top rated performers in the porn industry call this site their home. If you want to become part of something sexually special, then get your membership to Wicked Pictures.

Finally the Playboy TV Deal is Here!

The new Playboy TV discount saves you 33% on three month joins and 67% on yearly memberships.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.99, why pay so much?)


Playboy models are infamous for being gorgeous sensual beings, who make men go nuts! The company has been in the porn industry for years. It has cemented its reputation in the market for being a First Class Producer of Porn. Now the company has a site, Playboy TV, which offers ‘internet lovers of porn’ a chance to experience the sensational sex escapades of Playboy bunnies.

The Playboy TV site has various programs that bring naughty pleasure to millions of porn fans all over. There are about seventy-eight series that contain various episodes. When all the movies and scenes are added up, members of this site can enjoy 1800+ videos.

The production quality is what you would normally expect from Playboy i.e. top notch, High Def videos. In most cases, the episodes are 30 minutes long but there are some that run for almost one hour. The embedded player allows members to stream and there is mp4 format downloads available.

Apparently, Playboy TV made a conscious decision to solely concentrate on videos thus there are no picture galleries available. This should not dampen your spirits since the site has lots of material for you to fixate over. Constant updates ensure new content of the highest caliber is available for to enjoy and “play with.”

This is not all! The site has a lot of variety to offer when it comes to type of porn. There is reality porn, on location, instructional, hidden camera, just to mention a few. Everything from famous porn stars, amateurs, and centerfold bunnies is available on this site. You get hardcore penetrations, strip teases, group sex, fantasy porn, and so much more!

Playboy TV shoots its material with originality, creativity, and sexiness in mind. They want to get you “madly horny”. They want you to enjoy and be entertained by the material. They do in fact go that extra mile to please you, so joining is worthwhile.

Finally the Digital Playground Deal is Here!

The new Digital Playground discount saves you 40% on monthly joins and 67% on yearly memberships.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.99, why pay so much?)


Digital Playground is one of the world’s most popular porn sites, with vast array of content for members to choose from. The registration process is fast and straight forward. Firstly, choose a username and password, and then select your preferred payment method. There are a number of different ways to pay and once you have made your decision, and decided to join up to the site, you will receive an email sent to your email address which you will be required to click on and validate in order to complete the registration process.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be free to view the vast amount of content on offer. Digital Playground is the website where you will find the world’s most famous porn stars such as Kayden Kross and Jana Cova. There is an effective search feature when you can find your favorite actresses or scenes and all new videos are listed on the main landing page. Sort DVDS by date, most viewed or how high they have been rated by other members of the website. In total, there are over 2,500 different scenes to choose from, and many videos are available in high definition.

In addition to video content, you can browse through the numerous photo galleries. Although these photos cannot be download, you will be spoiled for choice as these photo galleries feature some of the world’s most beautiful women. Video content is taken from DVDs has diverse as Boobzilla and Cougar Street, and can be viewed in an in-built Flash video player which rarely buffers or freezes when you are watching a video. The website has been designed well with a contemporary design and is easy to navigate around, with all menus and navigation tools clearly listed.

You can also browse through dedicated pages to female performers and find out what scenes they have appeared in. The amount of content on Digital Playground is growing on a weekly basis and there is enough content here to satisfy all fans of porn, with videos which cater to a number of different niches and fetishes. Individuals can contact the site administrators if they have a technical query or need advice on how to navigate around the website.

Finally the Evil Angel Deal is Here!

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Evil Angel is a popular pornographic website with over 8,000 scenes which have been takes from well over 1,000 different DVDS. The website has garnered a loyal fan base and is one of the most visited porn sites on the web, with video content featuring some of the biggest names in porn including Mason Moore, Belladonna and Rocco Siffredi.

There are over 3,000 videos available in high definition, adding an extra visual experience, although all videos on Evil Angel are available with good playback. The website is easy to navigate around, and incorporates a modern and sleek design, with all new videos listed on the main landing page.

There are updates made frequently and the website has a dedicated customer service system in place. You can ask an administrator if you have a technical query or need advice on how to make the most out of the website’s features. To register for a new account, you will be asked a few questions in order to process your application, for example your email address and username. You will then be asked to select your preferred method of payment. Once this has been done, you will be sent an email to your inbox. Confirm this email in order to complete the registration process and you will then be able to view the wide range of content on offer.

In addition to the videos on Evil Angel, there are well over 3,000 different video galleries and which can be download in a high resolution to your computer in a Zip file format. Evil Angel has a loyal customer base, who are impressed with the wide range of content that is available on the website. Here you will find some of the world’s most beautiful women, in different hardcore scenes. Although you don’t get any bonus sites included as part of your subscription fee, updates are made frequently to the website, with scenes being added on a daily basis during peak times. There are also live cam shows, which can be watched on the site.

Finally the BangBros Deal is Here!

The new BangBros discount saves you 50% on monthly joins and 67% on yearly memberships.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.95, why pay so much?)


My Personal Experience with The BangBros

I’m a really big fan of XNXX and as a matter of fact, every time I come home from work, I log into the site and do some sexy “ritual” and “meditation” before I proceed to the cleaning and household shit. But one day, there was this video that said in the intro “Brought to you by the BangBros.” So before I could even start watching the action part of the video, I just had to check out BangBros first and my life has totally changed.

The Big Shift

Okay, the faces looked very familiar. They were all from the videos I keep coming back for at XNXX. They were actually the rightful actors of Bang Bros! So yeah, rather than having to go back to XNXX with the hopes to look for new sex adventures, I decided to settle with BangBros knowing that they have always been my sidekick right from the beginning, my companion when I felt lonely on my mattress.

The Total Experience

I was happy and until now I am. To top it all off, I have a girlfriend, which I think I will marry soon enough because for one, I get to be open with her about all my sexual desires and two, we get to dose ourselves with porn every night that actually leads us to fucking every night up with happiness and joy. It is just a graceful experience, especially with the fact that all our moves in bed, they are inspired from BangBros videos. We even thought about having a foursome experience, like the recent video we saw – three women and a guy (me.) She’ll be contacting her lustful friends and we are awaiting their response. But yeah, there’s even this video, three guys putting their dicks in different holes of the lady, the mouth, the vagina, and the ass. And I really liked the part where the guy slides his dick up and down the woman’s chest. So intense!

The Details

Just like any other porn site, the registration is cheap. Only 120 bucks a year and when you’re lucky enough, you might even get a discount when you use a debit card. The details are are as a fine as stainless steel – shimmering image quality, professional actors, and not to mention the hidden camera videos captured by the Bang Brothers themselves. Join the community and get to enjoy 15,000 plus videos and 8000 photos that are in store for you.

Finally the Brazzers Deal is Here!

The new Brazzers discount saves you 40% on monthly joins and 75% on yearly memberships.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.95, why pay so much?)


It was a cold dark night three days before Christmas. I was alone, away from home due to some work matters. Something had to keep me motivated, so I opened up my precious laptop and searched for “threesome” videos. One of the few sites that my eyes glanced upon was Brazzers, so I clicked on the link, which I was very thankful for. Why? My imaginations just became a reality… an even better one!

What I saw on Brazzers…

The first thing that came right out of the screen was an angelic face, something that could really fuel up a Ferrari and lead it somewhere magical through the speed of light. As the camera distanced itself, zooming out the mystical woman’s face, I was able to see her voluptuous body, a bodacious, flawless and oh so yummy skin and figure. It was the best, but it was just getting started as someone knocked on her door, someone she let in without hesitation, a handsome lad with great semblance to Jensen Ackles A.K.A Dean Winchester of Supernatural. And then history followed – pounding, cock sucking, pie hole drilling, tits motor boating and all of the wonderful things you can think of doing in bed with a totally doable angel.

The Details…

If you want to join the Brazzers community, it is totally worth every penny and cent. For as low as 8 dollars a month or 96 dollars a year, you will get unlimited access to all the receptacles of the site, you can delve into each and feed your hunger for pornographic pleasure and sexual satiety. You will have the power to download zip files that contain all of the lascivious images, men ogling at women’s breasts, women lolli-popping men’s dongs, and even gay and lesbian doing the most extraordinary shit that are nothing but amazing.

The quality? Exceptional. Not just with the imagery and the high definition picture quality, but also the flow of every sex drama. They are all injected with unquestionable passion from the script all the way to the acting part. All of the cast, they are pros and rest assured they deliver nothing but the highest quality of acting for sex-o-novelas. That’s Brazzers!