Finally the FTVGirls Deal is Here!

The new FTVGirls discount saves you 33% on 5 month joins.


(keep in mind, the regular price is $29.95, why pay so much?)


Every once in a while there will be a site that will absolutely make your jaw drop. That is what will happen as soon as you go to FTVGirls. FTV stands for first time videos, and as you might imagine, there is nothing but natural beauties to be seen on this site.

They tout their girls as beautiful, sexy, genuine, and natural, and there is nothing in this site to say otherwise. All of the girls on FTVGirls are having a first time experience, and they are letting you watch. Whether it is first time sex, first time video, masturbation, or even something a little more extreme, this site will have something for you. Every week they focus on one special girl who they show spending her day normally, letting your learn little bits and pieces about her. They even have a blog for their girl of the week.

At the end of the day, though, she pulls off her clothes and shows you an entirely different side of her personality. FTVGirls does not just stop at videos. They have thousands of pictures of their girls in various piece of clothing, without clothes, and even when they are just out on the town. They have a whole team of professional photographers who work with the girls to film them in the latest high definition quality that you would expect from a site that can only be described as classy. Aside from the gorgeous girls, the site itself is well planned and has several features such as a DVD and photo shoot order list that you can use once you are a member.

If you are ready to sit down and watch the most beautiful women on the net bare themselves in ways that will boggle your mind, then join up. It is only $29.95 for a month and $99.95 for five months. While it is a bit more than you would pay other places, these are high quality videos and women that are worth every penny. At the very least you have to give FTVGirls a chance.

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