Finally the Nuru Massage Deal is Here!

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You know the story about the lucky guy who slips an extra ten dollars to his hot Asian masseuse and suddenly he is on the receiving end of the fabled happy ending? That is what Nuru Massage is all about.

As it turns out, there are many more body parts that can be used to massage someone’s body than we thought of here in the United States. Literally hundreds of the hottest massages- gone -right, all available for you to see. As you can imagine, the main theme of this site is the incredible relieving powers that only the Nuru know how to reveal. One the opening page, they tell you that Nuru means slippery in Japanese, and that all of the women use a special, extra slippery gel in order to get things moving.

Nuru Massage is a growing site because, until recently, these videos were just shown to anyone. However, they already have an impressive collection of thirty thousand pictures, two hundred and twenty girls, and over two hundred and thirty scenes. It is not all about hand jobs, although they do have many of those. All of the slippery actions manages to create some interesting opportunities for anal along the way. Somehow, their Nuru gel seems as though it was perfectly formulated to provide a nice, wet pounding. That means that you have plenty of material to pick through while you are learning about this interesting form of massage.

The front page has all of the latest videos as you scroll down and see the models. Each scene has a small preview, showing you how every one of these extra happy endings began. Before you run out and try to get one of these special massages by yourself, you should sit down and join this site instead. All you need is a credit card and to click on the Join Now button. Here you will find that a three day membership will only cost you $2.95 and a month will only cost $9.95 with the discount. A full year of happy endings will cost you $95.40 up front, but also comes at a sixty percent discount. So come and get a different view of adult entertainment at Nuru Massage today!

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