Finally the Playboy TV Deal is Here!

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Playboy models are infamous for being gorgeous sensual beings, who make men go nuts! The company has been in the porn industry for years. It has cemented its reputation in the market for being a First Class Producer of Porn. Now the company has a site, Playboy TV, which offers ‘internet lovers of porn’ a chance to experience the sensational sex escapades of Playboy bunnies.

The Playboy TV site has various programs that bring naughty pleasure to millions of porn fans all over. There are about seventy-eight series that contain various episodes. When all the movies and scenes are added up, members of this site can enjoy 1800+ videos.

The production quality is what you would normally expect from Playboy i.e. top notch, High Def videos. In most cases, the episodes are 30 minutes long but there are some that run for almost one hour. The embedded player allows members to stream and there is mp4 format downloads available.

Apparently, Playboy TV made a conscious decision to solely concentrate on videos thus there are no picture galleries available. This should not dampen your spirits since the site has lots of material for you to fixate over. Constant updates ensure new content of the highest caliber is available for to enjoy and “play with.”

This is not all! The site has a lot of variety to offer when it comes to type of porn. There is reality porn, on location, instructional, hidden camera, just to mention a few. Everything from famous porn stars, amateurs, and centerfold bunnies is available on this site. You get hardcore penetrations, strip teases, group sex, fantasy porn, and so much more!

Playboy TV shoots its material with originality, creativity, and sexiness in mind. They want to get you “madly horny”. They want you to enjoy and be entertained by the material. They do in fact go that extra mile to please you, so joining is worthwhile.

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