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X Art is one the most entertaining hard-core sites that you will come across today. However; it is not unreasonable hard core since all is done with sensuality in mind. You will come across excellently taken scenes, great images and some very gorgeous beauties. The members’ area gets you started with a very long page of current updates which are dated and from this you will be able to note that updating has been standard and numerous. The site updates four times each week. Currently there are more than 400 movies and more than 500 photo sets. To top it all, you will also have access to over 150 dazzling chicks listed in the model index appearing in them all.

The videos come accompanied with 12 downloading options clearly set out for you. Though this applies to only the recently added scenes since the older ones do not have same equal number of options but the available ones are still plenty. The oldest movie found here is dated 2010 and has a running time of five minutes. The run times however vary. You will come across solos, scenes, lesbian moments, and BDSM that last for between five and twenty minutes. Available to you from X Art is also a single option that enables one to stream each scene online. It is very handy since it allows for easy streaming while having an excellent full screen. The movies are accompanied with a musical background, normal sound and the filming is simply superb.

The galleries can be located from the updates pages although it would have been great if they could have a split gallery and video section to make it easier to locate the photos. Male/female, lesbian, solo and group, can sort the material. The only other option available is to scroll through all the pages. The images can be downloaded in Zip files. They can also be viewed online and these come in very large sizes for example, 2,000 by 1, 334, the quality however, is still excellent regardless of the size you opt for. You are also enabled to cast votes for the galleries and comment on the videos. An area that has what goes on behind the scenes and operates with as a blog with text and images is also at your disposal.

X Art is an excellent site. It is simple to use, perfectly designed and has great screening options. If you want great porn that is equally entertaining, then joining should not be an option.

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